New! Owl Fidget Blanket / 25 x 25 / Alzheimer's Stroke Rehabilitation Dementia Patient Restless Sensory Blanket

  • $ 65.00

Owl Fidget/Twiddle Quilt Blanket in bright colors. Each blank is unique to the individual and made to order. FREE NAME PERSONALIZATION.

Simple touch-based activities provide comfort and a calming affect for loved ones affected by Dementia, Alzheimer's, Strokes. An array of colors and textures encourage visual and cognitive stimulation.

Our Quilts offer a variety of activities to help stimulate memory, engagement, and motor skills. Activities will vary with each blanket. Some fabrics may be substituted according to availability. Various activities include Velcro, snaps, pockets, key rings, zippers, crochet doily, flashlight, calculator, feely ribbon, buckles, beads, holder for picture. Each blanket will include a minimum of 6 of these activities, but usually more. Each quilt features a place to put a photo and an empty key ring to add your own special item.

Quilt is appx 25X25
Top is cotton, leather, polyester fabrics
2 Layers of batting in-between
Bottom layer is cotton or flannel
Enough weight for comfort, but light enough to fold up and store
All items are double stitched and strong cording used.

Please check regularly to make sure items are still secure. THIS QUILT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN OR PATIENTS THAT MIGHT PUT SMALL PARTS IN MOUTH .

Custom creations are available. Simply contact us to put together a quilt that features activities, designs and colors that your loved one is attracted too.